NADAC Elite Jumpers Title

On April 21, 2007, Emma earned her Elite Jumpers title. The run was absolutely brilliant. We were both focused and ran 4 seconds under stanadard course time (pretty good for a 13 year old).

The NADAC trial was hosted by EAT at Argus Ranch. It is a great location. The rings are indoors, but there is a huge grass field which is were Emma likes to spend her time between runs (ahh, the good life!).

CPE Success

Emma did so well at her first CPE trial. RAT hosted the trial, and we had a great time all weekend. With a one ring trial, the atmosphere was relaxed. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Emma earned 4 Qs out of 6 runs. She ran in Level 3 (good starting point if you have already competed in other venues), and I entered her as veteran. That means only 12 inch jumps.

Teeter Totter

Emma makes a deliberate push on the teeter (I thought
she would never do the teeter because of the noise it
usual she proved me wrong).

photo by Matt Sachs

Second Fun Match

Emma at her second fun match. We had a rough start, but by
the end of the afternoon, she finished almost a whole course with me.

photo by Jim Varnum

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