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Emma - Star Eyes

She's a super star!

Tunnel Racer

When we first started learning agility, Emma hated tunnels. They were dark and scary. As usual she completely embarassed me in class by being the only dog that would not go through a tunnel joyfully.

That didn't last long. I purchased a kid's play tunnel from a toy store and set it up in our tiny living room. It lived with us for a couple of weeks until Emma decided tunnels were fun.

Now she can't get enough of them. Sometimes seeking them out just for fun during the middle of a course. That's my girl!

Emma is Obedient

Emma did very well at this year's Mixed Breed Dog Club Specialty.

She earned her Rally Novice title on Saturday and qualified in her first run in Rally Advanced. Besides that she competed in TEAM obedience which means she worked in the ring with 3 other dog/handler teams in Novice obedience. I have pictures on the way, which I will post.

So now her official name is

Fremont's Flying Emma Girl EAC-V, EJC-V, OGC-V, TN-N, PD1, PJ1, PG1, GV-N, RN, HIC

Pretty amazing for a dog who was adopted at age 5.

The best part of the weekend was watching all of these truly unique dogs working in obedience, rally, and conformation. Watching the group Sits and Downs was soooo cool. Every dog looked special. It was obvious it was not an AKC trial and I really appreciate the diversity of our group.

Spring Season was Great

USDAA titles! Emma earned her PI Gamblers and PI Jumpers in April this year. So it took us awhile. Either way at the RAT trial she was fantastic. Not only did she finish her titles but she earned first place in Gamblers and Jumpers. Some people want really fast dogs, but there are times when consistency and team work will give you a better score. That was the case this time around. Consistency and Teamwork...are we talking about Emma and me? We HAVE come a long way.

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