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Weave PolesWeave Poles Dog agility is a fun sport for you and your dog. The goal in agility competition (called a trial) is to direct your dog through a course of obstacles as quickly as possible. Points add up for errors during the

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On Fire at EAT's Trial

5 qualifying runs out of 6 is something to brag about! Even the 6th run (Novice Touch-N-Go) was clean, we just ran out of time. Emma was on fire and had a blast all day long. She earned her Novice Gamblers Veterans Outstanding Performance title with her brilliant first run of the day (she made the gamble look so easy). I'm so proud of her!

Emma earns qualifying leg toward entry in USDAA's Grand Prix!

At CAT's USDAA trial on April 3, 2004, Emma had a clean run in the Performance Grand Prix local qualifier. She just missed placing in the top 5 (came in 6th). Good Girl!

NADAC Novice Jumpers!

On March 19, 2004 (Top Dog's trial in Elma), Emma finally earned her Novice Jumpers title (NJC-V). We've been competing in Jumpers since the beginning. I finally figured out how to handle her and we both really enjoy jumpers now!

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